Another Review for Ouch! Sunburn!

Text Donna Shepherd
Illustrations Kevin Collier
ISBN 10: 1-933090-60-x
ISBN 13: 978-933090-60-3
Guardian Angel Publishing
Reviewer Carolyn R Scheidies

Sunburn is a big problem. Parents, adults and kids are out under the sun without considering the long-term consequences and they can be severe. As a kid, I seldom thought about sunscreen. Few did....


Review for Ouch! Sunburn!

Ouch! Sunburn!, another wonderfully written book by Donna J. Shepherd, is a fun book about getting sunburned and how to avoid getting burned again. The story not only teaches kids what will happen if they get too much sun, but what to put on their burned itchy skin. The book is written in a simple fun rhyme and at the end of the book there are tips on how to keep from getting sunburned when playing outside.

Kevin Scott Collier did a wonderful job on the illustrations. The artwork is colorful and simply shows how itchy sunburned skin isn’t much fun in the end.

I think this is a great book for not only kids, but parents who have children who hate to wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses when playing in the HOT SUMMER SUN. -
VS Grenier, Editor, Stories for Children Magazine

Author: Donna J. Shepherd
Illustrator: Kevin Scott Collier
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing May 2007
Purchase Link:
eBook ISBN: 1-933090-60-X
ISBN 13: 9781933090603
Ages: 3 to 8

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