Mystery Meal

A Riddle Rhyme
© 2004 Donna J. Shepherd

Mystery Meal Posted by Hello

1. It’s crunchy or sweet
Made of corn, oats, or wheat.
It might crackle and pop
Or be sugared on top.

? *

2. A smooth, cold delight,
Fresh, creamy, and white.
Drink it all up
From a glass or a cup.

? *

3. An iron’s what it takes
To make these pancakes.
Poured in a mold,
Served hot, never cold.

? *

4. It’s white and oblong.
With a shell that’s quite strong.
The best part’s inside –
Delicious when fried.

? *

5. When raw, it lies flat
And marbled with fat.
When cooked, it gets wavy.
Very tasty with gravy.

? *

6. Squeezed in a cup
Its tang wakes you up
Drink down in a gulp
Then munch on the pulp.

? *

7. It’s a meal – hot or cold
For kids young and old,
The healthiest way
To start every day.

? *


1. Cereal
2. Milk
3. Waffle
4. Egg
5. Bacon
6. Orange juice
7. Breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Yum Donna! I'm hungry.

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Thanks, tg, for stopping by!

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