Topsy Turvy Land and Cereal?

I received this email today!

"Donna, yesterday was my granddaughter, Amy's, fifth birthday celebration. She got a ton of presents. I gave her the autographed copy of Topsy Turvy Land and she was thrilled. She got dolls and electronic video player and videos, and My Little Ponies, but she was the most excited about Topsy Turvy Land and a box of Lilo & Stitch cereal some friends had given her. LOL. I'm sorry about the cereal but it is the truth.

During the party she brought me the book and asked me to read it to her. We didn't have time to look for the hearts. There was a lot of confusion and activity going on.

She didn't share the cereal with me though." - Shari Lyle-Soffe

Wow, Shari! Thanks for letting me know. At least I know I beat out the Little Ponies! lol! I'm thrilled Amy was so eager to read the book. - Donna

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Topsy Turvy Land

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