Free! A Topsy Turvy Picture to Color!

As an extra special treat, Kevin Scott Collier, the illustrator of Topsy Turvy Land, has drawn a picture to color! Kids, have your parents print out the picture of Chizzy and his buddy, Zeb.

If you've read Topsy Turvy Land, you know that Chizzy is a green chimpanzee, and Zeb is a polka-dotted Zebra, BUT in Topsy Turvy Land, anything goes! SO - color the picture any way you want, then email me to tell me what YOUR picture looks like! (Ask your parents first!)

I'll post the color one Kevin did in a few days. NEW coloring pages will be given away periodically.

To find more pictures, click in the upper lefthand column on the words "Topsy Turvy"!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. Have fun!

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Topsy Turvy Land

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