Kevin, the Topsy Turvy Illustrator, Hosting His Own Show!

Kevin Scott Collier will star with his son, Jarod, in a new KICKS Club television show now in development for early 2009. The program will be nationally and internationally broadcast on major Christian networks. "KICKS Club" is broadcast on cable networks Daystar, Golden Eagle, TCT, KTV, God's Learning Channel, WTVE TV, Lamb Broadcasting, CTN48 - Knoxville, and SuperChannel.

Tentatively titled "Drawing for Kicks," the educational art of illustration program will begin shooting this fall at Studio 85 in Sunsbury, Ohio. Segments will also be shot in the Collier's hometown of Grand Haven, as well as other western Michigan locations. 26 episodes are initially planned. The program is targeted to debut in the Spring of 2009. Leading up to their program's debut, the Colliers will be making frequent guest appearances on "KICKS Club" beginning this fall.

How exciting! And Kevin has already invited me to appear on the TV show sometime in the future. Won't that be fun! Stay tuned for more updates! Visit the KICKS Club homepage. View Elmer/Kicks Club videos online.

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Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

YAY. WooHoo! Congratulations, Kevin. As soon as I get some free blog space, I'll help spread the word.

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