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It's December and the start of the December showcase at the National Writing for Children Center. Today my guest is Connie Wilson. Day 2 of Connie's virtual book tour sponsored by the National Writing for Children Center. 

The Writer's Life with Children's Author Constance (Corcoran) Wilson
I am a "streak" writer, and proud of it. It was music to my ears to learn at ITW (International Thriller Writers) conference last July in New York City that Anne Rice (Interview with a Vampire) is a streak writer, as well.

I do like to focus when I'm "in the zone". I cannot have distractions, or I procrastinate. My best (and longest) streak on one of my 4 novels (the first was a science fiction novel from Lachesis) took place when I couldn't leave the condo because of a blizzard---if that tells you anything.

After retirement, I purchased a 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom "Writer's Lair" in Chicago, where I  hole up to write when I really need to meet a deadline. Since 2003, I have written 15 books  and contributed to a couple of anthologies, as well as continuing to "write short."

That means that I still do such fun things for online blogs as cover the 2008 DNC and RNC and the Chicago Film Festivals, for Yahoo and other online clients. (I was named Content Producer of the Year for Yahoo in 2009 and just yesterday I went out to photograph a tugboat that is sinking in the Mississippi River near LeClaire, Iowa, and spilling fuel oil into the water.) Google Connie Wilson and sign up to follow my articles on Yahoo or on my own blog,, where I review film and books and write about interesting things.

It is true to say that I also bought the Chicago condominium because my son and his wife and granddaughters live in Chicago, and I thought my daughter was going to attend college at DePaul (she ended up in Nashville, TN!), but I do force myself to go to Chicago and isolate myself to finish projects that are "on deadline." Otherwise, I live on the border with Iowa in the Illinois Quad Cities (350,000 people).

I have 3 ongoing series (plus some random titles). The Christmas Cats books ( are for my granddaughters and the girls are integral to helping me plot new books. They can't write yet at only 4, but, this way, I know that they will learn how to write well, by assisting me.

Another series I write is a novel series for adults and YA readers entitled The Color of Evil, with the second book (Red Is for Rage) named a Pinnacle Thriller winner in spring, 2013 by NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs) and soon to be featured (December, 2013) on Shelf Unbound online magazine as a Page-turner Winner. Khaki = Killer will be out in February.

I was named  Midwest Writing Center Writer of the Year (March 20, 2010) and Illinois Women's Press Association Silver Feather Winner (June 6, 2012) by the Chicago chapter. I've written for 5 newspapers and 11 blogs.

Since 2003, I have averaged 4 books a year. I have an agent, and I've had 6 small publishers, but, with the advent of POD printing and self-publishing, I'm enjoying publishing my own works as Quad Cities' Learning, Inc.,  doing business as Quad Cities' Press (

You can read more about my adult works at 

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