A Rainbow of Birds by Janet Halfman, Illustrated by Jack Foster

Birds have their legends just like people do, and baby birds love to hear the stories. Papa Cardinal, whose job it is to pass down bird ways to his chicks, tells them the story of how birds gave the world the rainbow.  A Rainbow of Birds (Guardian Angel Publishing) by Janet Halfmann is one of the most colorful books I've seen from Jack Foster. He went all out bringing the colors of the rainbow to life. 

Janet's story is a delight and bonus activities in the back of the book teach about rainbows. Other recent titles by Janet include Eggs 1, 2,3: Who Will the Babies Be?, Home in the Cave, Star of the Sea, A Day in the Life of a Starfish, Good Night, Little Sea Otter, and Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story. Janet has written thirty-five fiction and nonfiction books for children.

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