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Another fun stop on the Bounding for Books Blog Tour, this time with Jennifer Gladen, author of A Star in the Night (Guardian Angel Publishing).

About the book:

David makes his way home one Christmas Eve night and sees this is no ordinary night. Accompanied by a shimmering star and some tough decisions, David encounters three experiences that will change his view of Christmas forever.

I posed my three questions to Jennifer:

#1. Children's writers seem to have a knack for thinking like a child. What were you like as a five-year-old?

I loved to write and draw - even as young as five. I wrote silly poems to my teachers and illustrated them as well. I was better at writing than illustrating. I can't remember too much of when I was at that age, but one memory sticks out. I had very curly hair, which I didn't like very much. After a shower one night I stood in front of my mirror for the longest time trying to "brush out" my curls. I was convinced if I stood there long enough I could make them disappear.

#2. What inspired you to write your book.

A Star in the Night is a direct result of the kindness shown to me and my family during difficult times. We have three children, two of them chronically ill. Our community always was there to help us, whether is was for babysitting, food, gas money, you name it. The main character David is a result of the love and support of our community.

#3. Share the best feedback from a child you've received for your writing.

The best feedback I've gotten so far was about my story published in Stories for Children last year titled Mrs. Martin's Marigolds. A wonderful librarian used the story in a lesson and asked the children what they learned. There were many clever responses and life lessons. I was in awe of how much children can get out of just one story.

Thank you SO much for allowing me to shine the light on A Star in the Night, Jennifer!

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Mayra Calvani said...

I love the cover of your book, Jen! I bet you can't wait for its release!

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