Tooth Posted by Hello

What a bore! It’s such a chore
brushing my teeth each day.
Where does that stinky, slimy plaque
come from anyway?

Every day when I get up,
my mouth seems lined with cotton.
Nasty gunk coats teeth and tongue,
and makes my breath smell rotten.

I know I need to brush and floss.
Do I have to brush my tongue?
Teeth will rot, so I’ve been told,
whether you’re old or young.

Pearly whites would soon turn dark,
then yucky shades of green.
Black would follow, teeth fall out
leaving big gaps between.

I like steak and things that take
all of my teeth to chew.
I’ll brush and floss so I won’t be
the ‘Toothless Kid’ at school!

Donna J. Shepherd © 2004

Saplings, February 2004

Topsy Turvy Land

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