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"What if you could create your own world? How would it be? Topsy Turvy Land lets children imagine what a different world might be like if they created it. It's fun and a bit crazy to see green chimpanzees and zebras with yellow-green spots!

Yet this book is a wonderful reminder that pretending is fun but God, the ultimate creator knew exactly what He was doing when He created Earth.

Children will love the invitation to imagine while laughing at the fun and brightly colored illustrations."

Jennifer Reed, Children's Author and Editor of Wee Ones Children's Magazine

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New Poem is up!

Hi, everyone! Click on over to the Inspiration Station, and you'll see a brand new poem on the Poetry Page entitled New Kid.

Way back in second grade, my family moved to a new town. My knees shook as I entered my new classroom. What were these kids like?

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Topsy Turvy Land

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