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Isn't Dotty cute? She's doing one of her favorite things - playing in water. Kevin Scott Collier, the illustrator of Dotty's Topsy Tale drew this. Have fun!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.

Hey, kids (and grownups, too!) - see how Kevin creates!

Topsy Turvy Tales have a unique look created by artist and illustrator, Kevin Scott Collier. Here are examples from a work-in-progress called Chizzy's Topsy Tale.

First, Kevin draws the image on white paper using a black marker.

After scanning the art into his computer, Kevin "inverts" the image, making it a "negative."

Next, using rbg color and paint buckets in Adobe Photoshop, Kevin colors the images.

Finally, each color area is individually selected and a "lighting effect" added to create shadows and dimension.

The illustration is complete!

The Book that Started It All - Topsy Turvy Land!

by Donna J. Shepherd
Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
(Hidden Pictures by Liz Ball)

Come visit a place of peace and whimsy where green monkeys and singing snakes live. Children will delight in the lyrical rhymes and vibrant illustrations while searching for the hidden hearts. Full of fun from beginning to end!

ISBN: 0967815967
Format: Paperback, 16pp
Pub. Date: July 2005
Hidden Pictures Publishing
P.O. Box 63
Tipp City, OH 45371

Retail price: $6.99

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"He made the giraffe with his very long neck,
And the toucan with gigantic beak,
God must have had fun,
Creating each one,
And all in just under a week!"

© 2005 Donna Shepherd

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Topsy Turvy Land

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