Good Press for Topsy Turvy Land

Someone (Thank you, writermom!) sent me an email letting me know that Topsy Turvy Land is mentioned in World Magazine. It's an issue highlighting children's books. I'm very flattered to be included!

Here's a link (the cover is in left sidebar):

Since I don't have a subscription, all I've seen is what's on the website, but even that's exciting! I'm on the same page as Dr. Seuss and Charlotte's Web. Boy, am I intimidated!

A New Review for Topsy Turvy Land

"Imagine a world where snakes chirp, monkeys are green, and goldfish walk on six legs. In Topsy Turvy Land, anything is possible, until you realize that nothing we can imagine is as amazing as the world God created. Kids will love the bold colors and simple yet striking illustrations as well as the silly rhymes about hens that bark and dogs that lay eggs in nests. Each page also has at least one hidden heart, helping to remind young readers that God’s love is everywhere." - Writer and humor columnist Joanne Brokaw

Review for The Lonely Lightning Bug

Good news this morning! The Lonely Lightning Bug, a picture book Kevin Scott Collier and I did, has received a good review! Click HERE to read.

Topsy Turvy Land

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