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My friend, Diana Jenkins, invited me to participate in a “blog hop interview.” Diana sent interview questions to answer on my blog. I then tag writers who will answer questions on their blogs. 
Diana posted her interview on her blog at DJ's Thoughts. If you get a minute, drop by to get to know Diana better and leave a comment letting her know you connected to her through my link.  

Now on to the interview!   

What are you working on right now? 

I’ve spent the last few weeks promoting “Ava’s Secret Tea Party,” but I am always cooking on several burners with both children’s and the inspirational writing. The very talented JackFoster and I plan to release an eBook soon. I have another children’s book under contract with Guardian Angel Publishing, but not sure of a date for that one. I signed the contract two years ago!

What experiences have influenced you?  

I experienced many happy hours with my children teaching them to read and scouring the library for new books. Both of them liked the rhyming stories the most, so I ended up writing in rhyme and loving it. I sing and play the piano, so the rhythm and flow of rhyme soothes me. I work on every word, every syllable, every beat, until I’m satisfied. And then I work on them some more.

What is the hardest part about writing? 

My problem is never finding things to write, but finding time to write. And focus! I have such varied interests that it’s difficult for me to focus. Any author today must find time to market, too.

What would you like to try as a writer that you haven't yet? 

I’ve been dabbling in romantic fiction. I have a follow up novelette to “Love Under the Bubble Wrap” that will be up on Amazon soon. It’s novella length – a bit longer. I would love to write a full length novel one day, and never really had that desire until lately. Isn’t there a saying that everyone thinks they have a novel inside? So far, mine hasn’t made it to the surface.

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