Sadie (from Poodle and Doodle) is interviewed.

Sadie, one of the stars in Poodle and Doodle, gets the spotlight today on Mayra Calvani's blog, Pets and Their Authors. Isn't she precious? Check it out by clicking HERE!

Mayra wrote a book about a dog, too, called Crash.

Thanks, Mayra, for the fun interview!

Coloring Pages Sent In!

Here are two masterpieces I received today. Aren't they beautiful? Thanks, Elijah and Emily!

Coloring Page - Sully's Topsy Tale

Kevin Scott Collier, illustrator, sent me a brand new, hot off the drawing board, coloring page of Sully from our newest collaboration, Sully's Topsy Tale. Have fun!

Sully's Topsy Tale

Kevin Scott Collier, illustrator of Sully's Topsy Tale, sent the cover for me to see today. I love it! Aren't their expressions adorable? It's almost like you can hear them singing.
Coming soon from Guardian Angel Publishing.

Back to School Book Drawing

Back to School Book Drawing:
This month, I'm pleased to announce a drawing for a copy of "Hamster Holidays: Noun and Adjective Adventures" by Cynthia Reeg with illustrations by Kit Grady. The cover is adorable. The hare-brained holidays are sure to make you giggle. A study guide, activity sheet, and multiple puzzles are included.

To be eligible, visit here: Donna J. Shepherd, Writer, Speaker, Singer

Visit Guardian Angel Publishing for a sneak peek:

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