Sketches for Next Book - Kit Grady

If you visit Kit Grady's blog, you'll see she has sketches posted where she's working on our book, Bradybug. Can you tell what it's about?

Kit Grady Creations

We finally met!

Recently I travelled to Michigan to visit with my close friend, Mary. While there, Mary drove me across state to meet Kevin Scott Collier for the first time face to face. We have, of course, talked many times on the phone and through email, but had never actually met. What a joy to finally meet such a talented and sweet man!

Review for Dotty's Topsy Tale - Stories for Children Magazine

"Donna doesn't disappoint us in this newest tale in the Topsy Turvy Land collection. From her smooth rhyme to wild imagination of the animals living in Topsy Turvy Land, children will want to visit Dotty and her friends again and again. Kevin Scott Collier's artwork is vivid and brings each page to life adding the right blend of colors to accent the words written by Donna in Dotty's Topsy Tale. "-- Virginia Grenier, Stories for Children Magazine

Fun Happenings on the Fan Page

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Donna J. Shepherd, Writer, Speaker, Singer

Fun times are ahead. I have books scheduled for giveaways on October 7 (A Horse Of Course), October 21, November 4, November 18, and two in December for Christmas books, and I'm scheduling into 2010 with March already spoken for. I'm delighted that authors are willing to bless you like this.

Most of these books, including mine, are available in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store. Several have educational materials included which is great for homeschoolers, plus they're just plain fun! I've read four of them today and they are darling.

Stay tuned for more information!

Topsy Turvy Land

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