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Interview in Sisters in the Lord Magazine

It was my honor to be interviewed by Wendy Lynn Decker for Sisters in the Lord Magazine. If you'd like to read the interview, click here.

The Lonely Lightning Bug

The Lonely Lightning Bug
by Donna J. Shepherd

A Littlest Angel Children's Book

Order information: Click here!

Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
Cover by Kevin Scott Collier and Andy Cooke

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
16 pages
ISBN: 1-933090-30-8
Formats and prices:
Zipped electronic download 5.00
CD 9.95 + 5.95 S&H

PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK GO TO: StarShine Hospice, the Hospice of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Would you like to order a Lonely Lightning Bug t-shirt? Or stickers or magnets? Order from the new Cafe Press Lonely Bug Store! Click here!

New! Exclusive Designs for Topsy Turvy Land!

Kevin Scott Collier, the illustrator of Topsy Turvy Land by Donna J. Shepherd, has drawn some exclusive designs to promote the book!

Here's a t-shirt with "Chizzy the Chimp" on the front:

Chizzy T-Shirt

And here's a wonderful new design with Chizzy the Chimp and Dotty the Hippo!

Chizzy and Dotty

This just in!

"Last night, it was Lukie's turn to pick the book. Not only did he pick Topsy Turvy Land, but afterward he grabbed up his pillow, his bear, and Topsy Turvy to trudge off to bed." - Mike

What a way to start my day! Thanks! - Donna

Topsy Turvy Land and Cereal?

I received this email today!

"Donna, yesterday was my granddaughter, Amy's, fifth birthday celebration. She got a ton of presents. I gave her the autographed copy of Topsy Turvy Land and she was thrilled. She got dolls and electronic video player and videos, and My Little Ponies, but she was the most excited about Topsy Turvy Land and a box of Lilo & Stitch cereal some friends had given her. LOL. I'm sorry about the cereal but it is the truth.

During the party she brought me the book and asked me to read it to her. We didn't have time to look for the hearts. There was a lot of confusion and activity going on.

She didn't share the cereal with me though." - Shari Lyle-Soffe

Wow, Shari! Thanks for letting me know. At least I know I beat out the Little Ponies! lol! I'm thrilled Amy was so eager to read the book. - Donna

A Customer Review!

"Hey Donna, I just bought Topsy Turvy Land from the Family Bookstore and read it to the kids! They love it and I love it. I think you are possibly Mrs. Dr. Suess… ;)

Keep it up… I can’t wait for the next one!"
- James

Thanks, James! This is the BEST kind of review!

Topsy Turvy Land Review on Amazon

Topsy Turvy Land is now available through Today I had tears of joy as I read a review left by Michael P. Snyder:

A delight for the imagination, August 19, 2005
Reviewer: Michael P. Snyder (Spring Hill, TN USA)

The kids in my house love this book--the four little ones AND the two big ones. The words and pictures tickle the imagination and highlight the limitless breadth of God's creation. Biblical truth permeates every entertaining page.

The best endorsement I can give this book is this: Last night I allowed my 5-year old and my 4-year old to take three books to bed with them. The five-year old grabbed Topsy Turvy Land, igniting a small skirmish. The peace talks ended with a compromise--a five minute limit on Topsy Turvy Land before swapping with your brother. I guess we may have to buy another copy....or three or four.

Wow! What more can a children's author ask for? Thanks, Michael and family! Here's the link -

Interview with Donna

Alyice Edrich of The Dabbling Mum interviewed me after Topsy Turvy Land was published. Click HERE to read the interview.

Kids! Would you like to win a copy of Topsy Turvy Land?



• A free copy of the Topsy Turvy Land book, autographed by Donna J. Shepherd, Kevin Scott Collier and Liz Ball!
• Original artwork signed by Kevin Scott Collier from the pages of Topsy Turvy Land book!
• A signed copy of Tweener Press book.

Contest ends Saturday, September 24, 2005.

Ready to enter? Click here!

Topsy Turvy Land Is Here!

After what seems to be an eternity, Topsy Turvy Land is here!

by Donna J. Shepherd
Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
(Hidden Pictures by Liz Ball)

Come visit a place of peace and whimsy where green monkeys and singing snakes live. Children will delight in the lyrical rhymes and vibrant illustrations while searching for the hidden hearts. Full of fun from beginning to end!

ISBN: 0967815967
Format: Paperback, 16pp
Pub. Date: July 2005
Hidden Pictures Publishing
P.O. Box 63
Tipp City, OH 45371

Retail price: $6.99

To order, click here!


"He made the giraffe with his very long neck,
And the toucan with gigantic beak,
God must have had fun,
Creating each one,
And all in just under a week!"
© 2005 Donna Shepherd

The publisher now has a blog, too. Check it out! Click here!

Kevin Scott Collier, the illustrator extraordinaire, has dedicated an entire page to the book! Check it out. Click here!

Review for Topsy Turvy Land!

From Barnes and Noble:

Bright Colors, Good Message

The author takes a simple idea and makes it fun. What if we could create the world? What colors would we use? With happy rhymes and bright illustrations, this book points children to the God who chose the blue in the sky, the stripe on the zebra. Young children will enjoy the hidden picture game as they learn about the beauty of creation.

Mary, an author., July 11, 2005

A new poem in Wee Ones Magazine!

Hi! A poem written by myself and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier is in the current issue of Wee Ones Magazine! I hope you enjoy it! If you've never seen the magazine, I think you'll like all the stories, articles, and poetry.

Please be sure to leave a comment here, too!

The poem is entitle "Salami." Here's the link! Thanks! - Donna

Cick here to read "Salami."

Free E-Book!

The "Inspirationstation Magazine" online has just released a FREE download eBook (Adobe Acrobat format). "Inspirationstation Book One" is 30 pages, and features the debut appearances of the magazine's
series characters. Features the writing and creations of Nikki Atkinson, Carole Lewis, Kevin Collier, Robin Jackson, Doris Holik Kelly, Kimberlie Clark, Judy Byers and myself, Donna Shepherd.

Complete with full color story illustrations.

IT'S FREE... download a copy and be inspired... thanks! Click here!

Topsy Turvy Land Merchandise

Just for fun, I followed my friend, Jennifer Reed's, suit and opened a CafePress Shop. It's so much fun to see the illustrations on t-shirts and mugs. Check out the dog!

Topsy Turvy Land Shop

Buggy Brain

Hi, everyone! I have a new poem up on KidVisions in the June edition. It's called Buggy Brain.
There are three definitions for 'buggy.' 1. A small lightweight carriage, 2. an informal or slang term for mentally irregular, and 3. infested with bugs.

Can you tell me which one this poem is about? Or is it two?? *hint, hint.

Click here to read about Poor Mrs. Rose!

Important Notice from Donna

My laptop has died. Let's have a moment of silence.....

Okay, I'm back. I did put a bunch of writing on a CD in March, so I have some records, but you know how it is. There's a lot on there that I'd compiled in the last two months - especially stuff to do with Topsy Turvy Land, the children's book. If you've contacted me for a copy or to do a review, contact me again please.

My most current mailing list was on the laptop. If you're on either the Topsy Turvy Land or the Devotionals by Donna list, be sure to email me so I can add you back on! Or even easier - sign up using the form to the left of this post!

If you know of friends and family who were on the list, please forward this on by clicking on the little white envelope in the bottom right-hand corner of this post.

I'd already had fifty people sign up for the Topsy Turvy Land list!

As soon as I get it compiled, I'm printing it out. Good old paper and ink. Thanks so much, and once again, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!


Coming Soon!

"What if you could create your own world? How would it be? Topsy Turvy Land lets children imagine what a different world might be like if they created it. It's fun and a bit crazy to see green chimpanzees and zebras with yellow-green spots!

Yet this book is a wonderful reminder that pretending is fun but God, the ultimate creator knew exactly what He was doing when He created Earth.

Children will love the invitation to imagine while laughing at the fun and brightly colored illustrations."

Jennifer Reed, Children's Author and Editor of Wee Ones Children's Magazine

Read more about Topsy Turvy Land on Kevin Collier's website! Click here!

A New Game

Click here to read A New Game published in Wee Ones Magazine!

My Tooth Is Missing!

Click here to read My Tooth Is Missing in Guideposts for Kids!

New Poem is up!

Hi, everyone! Click on over to the Inspiration Station, and you'll see a brand new poem on the Poetry Page entitled New Kid.

Way back in second grade, my family moved to a new town. My knees shook as I entered my new classroom. What were these kids like?

Want to read the poem? Click

Topsy Turvy Land

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