Review for Ava's Secret Tea Party - Nicole Weaver

I'm humbled by Nicole Weaver's review of Ava's Secret Tea Party. Here's a snippet and you'll see why! 
All I can think after reading Donna Shepherd’s newest book, Ava’s Secret Tea Party, is wow! Little girls from all cultures will enjoy reading this delightful book. I read the book 10 times before writing the review because it is such pure delight...What a magical ride reading this book gave me. It transported me back to when my three children were young. The special times I would snuggle next to them and read over and over again their favorite book. Ava’s Secret Tea Party has that type of appeal. It will be many a child’s favorite bedtime story.
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Review for Ava's Secret Tea Party - Nancy Stewart

It's wonderful to be getting such positive reviews for "Ava's Secret Tea Party." Everyone is raving about the beautiful artwork by Bella Sinclair, and the storyline has been embraced by every reviewer. It's so gratifying to have the book accepted and endorsed after such a long wait. Here's what Nancy has to say:

Sometimes at night when stars shine bright,
Visitors come to call.
Snuggled in bed and sound asleep,
Ava never sees them at all.

This lovely verse begins the magical children's book Ava's Secret Tea Party, written in true rhyme by Donna Shepherd and brimming with sumptuous illustrations by renowned illustrator, Bella Sinclair....
Donna's talent shines through in this marvelous book. The story is enchanting and will warm every little girl's heart. Bella Sinclair's illustrations enhance the story to make a joyous experience for the child and her adult reader as well.
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Review for Ava's Secret Tea Party - Susan J. Berger

From Susan J. Berger:
I read this lovely fairytale to my six year old granddaughter. She loved it. Ava invites The Tooth Fairy, The Sandman, The Easter Bunny and Santa to a tea party. The illustrations by Bella Sinclair are a perfect match for the whimsical text. This is a great read for the younger set. Can't wait til my 17 month old granddaughter is old enough to join in the fun.
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Review for Ava's Secret Tea Party - Susan Hornbach

Here's what Susan Hornbach wrote about Ava's Secret Tea Party:
This is a beautiful little book to entertain and occupy young children. Ava's Tea Party has brilliant color that pops from the page. The delightful illustrations created by Bella Sinclair are sure to grab a child's interest.

Ava's Tea Party written by Donna J. Shepherd is a winner and I'm sure will become a favorite in a young child's library. I must say it's well deserving of five ***** stars.

Review for Ava's Secret Tea Party - Penelope Anne Cole

A new review has been posted on Amazon for "Ava's Secret Tea Party." 
"Donna J. Shepherd's new book, "Ava's Secret Tea Party," illustrated by Bella Sinclair, is every little girl's secret dream! Who wouldn't want to invite the Sandman, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus to come for tea? This is another one of those books that children's book writers see and say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" It's also one of those delicious little books that children will scoop up and demand for a bedtime story again and again." - Penelope Anne Cole
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