Skinny Snowman & Learn How to Draw a Snowman.

Help me quick!
Is my snowman sick?
His body is wasting away!

He used to be fat
With a belly to pat,
But now he gets slimmer each day.

He doesn't work out,
He just stands about.
So why is he still losing weight?

With temperatures higher
He seems to perspire.
Let it snow before it's too late!

By Donna J. Shepherd © 2005
Illustration by Kevin Scott Collier.

For a fun, interactive way to read Skinny Snowman, click HERE. Intellitools has a a simple click-through storybook for the winter season with silly graphics complementing the poem.

NEW! Now you can learn to draw a fat or skinny Snowman of your own!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, too bad we can't just stand out in the warmer weather and lose weight!
Dotsie Bregel

Anonymous said...

I like Topsy Turvy Land, I must still be a young'en!!! LOL - Gina

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Dotsie, a girlfriend told me about these belts you wear when you work out to lose weight around your middle. That's kinda the same concept. lol! I'm going to try one!

Gina - I know you are, and so am I!

Topsy Turvy Land

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