Chizzy's Topsy Tale

Chizzy's Topsy Tale
Guardian Angel Publishing
ISBN: 9781935137108

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I'm delighted to say that Guardian Angel Publishing has released a new and expanded version of Chizzy's Topsy Tale in print and as an eBook. Kevin Scott Collier has completed the cutest illustrations for the book. Kevin and I gave away hundreds (problably more like thousands) of the shorter ebooks featuring Chizzy, the mischievous monkey in Topsy Turvy Land.
Reviews for Chizzy's Topsy Tale:
This charming picture book story told in rhyming text again teams up author Donna J. Shepherd with Illustrator Kevin Scott Collier. Together, they have created another compelling book for all young readers.

Chizzy the Monkey was just tucked in bed by his mother when Dotty the Hippo calls to him and asks him to hunt for a fruit treat with her. Along the way, Dotty gets them lost in the woods. The meet a lion cub who is scared of them and they are scared that the cub's mother might return. They tell the cub they are lost, and he points them in the right direction. They stop their snack search to help a baby elephant out of the mud. They continue on and find their fruit treat and start eating it when Chizzy worries that his mother will be quite upset when she discovers that he isn't in his bed. Do they make it home in time before Chizzy's mother discovers him missing? You'll just have to read this cute book to find out what happens next!

The superb text by Donna Shepherd and colorful kid-friendly illustrations by Kevin Scott Collier make this book a "must have" for the younger set. It gives young children the message that they should help out their friends and to also be aware that parents worry about them. I give this book a high five for the cute storyline, the perfect rhyming text and the wonderfully colorful and kid-friendly illustrations.

"The strength of this book is the poetic flare throughout on each page along with the illustrations. The storyline brings the animals alive, appealing to this big child, but to families who are seeking a story that will entertain and teach children the mishaps of disobeying. A great and fun read all around." - Lea Schizas
Reviews by Heidi for Home School Blogger:
"With its fun rhyming verses and vibrant illustrations, this book will be a favorite."
"Chizzy's Topsy Tale is just the sort of picture book that helps children learn to read." - Susan Stephenson

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