Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Math Concepts – February 2012 Issue

CONTACT: Donna McDine, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian Angel Kids Ezine

Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Math Concepts – February 2012 Issue
Teaching math concepts beyond traditional number problems opens up creative opportunities for both teachers and students. Different strategies include the use of poetry, stories, engaging articles, and activities that get the body and mind working in unison. 

Come explore the world of "Math Concepts" in the Guardian Angel Kids February 2012 issue and learn how to tell time, add, subtract, and divide, rap to numbers through poetry, learn the history of pennies, how powerful zero truly is, and hands on math activities. Make it a family learning experience and fun will surely be had by one and all.
Letter from the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Donna M. McDine 
Featured Books: 

Learn to Count 1-10 flip book by Eugene Ruble
Sparkie: A Star Afraid of the Dark book video by Susann Batson
Children’s poetry, SHORT STORIES, and articles: 
  • “Can You Tell Time?” quiz by Marion Tickner – explores the different timepieces before the technology explosion.  
  • “How Many Are Half?” poetry by Donna J. Shepherd – Grandma’s delicious chocolate chip cookie treat and how the cookies are shared. 
  • “Numbers Rap,” poetry by Bill Kirk – the wonder of numbers all around us. 
  • “Cookies with Sprinkles,” by Shari L. Klase and illustrated by Julie Hammond – a whimsical adventure to Grandma’s house. 
  • “The Value of Pennies,” by Gina Napoli – discover the history and significance of pennies. 
  • “The All Powerful Nothing,” by Mary Reina – learn about the power of zero and how it turns nothing into something.  
  • “Hands on Math Activities for Home or School,” by Kathy Stemke – get moving and grooving with enjoyable Math activities. 
  • “Hopscotch Math,” by Karen Robuck – teach and reinforce basic Math skills with the fun of hopscotch. 
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